Article in Kearney Hub, October 12, 2007
Dick Turpin speaks at Prime Senior Festival 

Julie Speirs
VP Marketing/General Manager
Kearney Hub

Dear Dick:

Talk about being the hit of the show! That is exactly how I would describe your program at our recent Prime Senior Festival. We were extremely pleased with the turnout of more than 600 people who came to hear your humorous program. The comments after the show were very positive, thanks for doing such a great job.

We try very hard each year to bring in a speaker who will be entertaining, inspirational and just plain fun. You hit the nail on the head on all accounts. We were very pleased to see many new faces in the crowd who said the reason they came to the festival was to hear you speak.

I appreciate how you stayed after your stage performance to talk to the folks waiting to see you. It was a pleasure to work with you and we hope you will come back to our Prime Senior Festival again. I would be happy to recommend your program to anyone.


Julie Speirs 
13 East 22nd St.
Kearney Hub
Kearney, NE
(308) 237-2152

"Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild"
Outdoor Channel

October 17, 2007

God has blessed me with invigorating, spiritually inspiring campfires with many of the greatest Americans ever. From the great heroes of the US Military, law enforcement, working hard, playing hard, hunting hard American families and the greatest conservationists of all time, like Fred Bear, an original Ducks Unlimited visionary, Russ Bengal and Dick Turpin. 

These gentlemen project a great passion and caring for the good mother earth, and their connection to all things wild brings me and many others great quality of life accordingly. Dick Turpin is truly a Blood Brother of the Great American Outdoor Dream, and when he creates his artistic, magical turkey calls or celebrates our cherished hands-on conservation lifestyle in his writings and speaking presentations, souls are touched and lives are upgraded. Get to know this man as fast as you can and feel the spirit!

Ted Nugent & Family

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

October 17, 2007

It has been my true honor to know the Outdoor Legend Dick Turpin for over 15 years. I have had the honor of working with Dick on various outdoor speaking engagements and presentations and have learned a great deal from him. Any audience that has ever had the pleasure of listening to one of his knowledgeable, insightful, and absolutely hilarious presentations has walked away with a greater appreciation of the subject at hand and thoroughly entertained. 

Prior to his retirement in 1999 Dick's career with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission spanned many aspects of outdoor life including service as a well respected Game Warden, Hunter Education Coordinator and Chief of Law Enforcement. What truly stands out in all of this are the remarkably hilarious observations on life these positions have provided Dick and his uncanny ability to recall each event that will have you laughing so hard you sides will hurt. 

Better than any speaker I have ever met, Dick has the unique ability to draw his audience into these stories while providing an educational discussion on just about any outdoor related topic. Very few outdoors men and women will ever have the ability to gain the outdoor skills and knowledge that Turpin is so well known for but thankfully, because of his presentation style and love of people, everyone can relive these hilarious stories with Dick and learn a great deal about hunting, fishing, calling wild game, turkeys, deer, etc. 

We have had the privilege of having Dick at many outdoor related workshops and his ability to provide authoritative education and presentation on just about any outdoor related topic has saved many a workshop. After 15 years of hearing Dick's stories and learning from this master of presentation and outdoor education I am confident that I have heard most of the stories in his arsenal yet whether it is at a campfire or a large dinner banquet, I always find myself pulling up a chair and diving into another Turpin story just like many thousands have done to date. 

Many generations have learned a great deal from Dick Turpin and it is my sincere hope that many more will have such an opportunity in the years to come. 

Jeff Rawlinson
Assistant Division Chief
Outdoor Education 
(402) 471-0641


October 2, 2007 
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dick Turpin for many years and consider him to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals on the outdoors that I know.

I’ve worked with him on numerous occasions and his knowledge of the outdoors and willingness to share that information has been a tremendous help to me in the outdoor articles I’ve written and on our Outdoorsmen Adventures television series where he’ co-hosted several shows with me.

I rely on Dick as our expert whenever I need accurate and precise information on hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Gary Howey
Outdoorsmen Adventures Television series 
(402) 254-3266

405 N. Broadway, Box 354
Hartington, Nebraska 68739 




September 24, 2007

Dick is an outstanding educator. He has presented classes for me at our outdoor field days that we have for the Women in the Outdoors/National Turkey Federation. The women really enjoy his classes and come out of them with a wide variety of knowledge and a new sense of experience. He has a knack for keeping everyone's attention and makes the classes very exciting.

Peggy Griffin
Nebraska State Volunteer
Women In the Outdoors (WITO)
1809 18th Avenue
Elba, NE  68835
(302) 750-2018